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Jepara, a Safe Place to Visit in Central Java - Indonesia

Author: Agus Prayitno  | Posted: 13-02-2008 |

Thanks God! This year in the high wet season, there's no flooding or other nature-disasters happened in Jepara and hopefully nothing happen in the next few months. You may seen in TVs that there are many nature-disasters happened recently in Indonesia, mostly flooding. The nearest town which had flooding is Kudus, a 35 kilometre town from Jepara. So if you have any plan visiting Jepara for business matter, no need to worry because everthing is alright here in Jepara, they only trouble is when you coming to Jepara you should asking your taxi driver in Semarang that he must take safer and quicker way out to Jepara through Genuk main street, to avoid flooding that always happen in Kaligawe street, ask the driver and he must be know it. And if everything running well, you will be reach Jepara in the next 1,5 hour. 

Or if you join our programme “Jepara Buying Trip” you no need to worry of anything because we already arranged valued service for your visiting from pick you up in Semarang airport, rent car service, translator service, buying & sourcing agent assistance till stay in 4 stars exclusive resort in Jepara, everything in one single price to pay, and if you registered member of, gain discount up to 20% from the price shown on this programme. Become a member is free, there's no annual member fee or so on. 

Be our guest and be succeed with your business with us. An essential service to complete above service is, provide you with furniture quality control and inspector agent services if you wish to buy furniture products from Jepara suppliers in bulk quantity by container load to make you sure received quality products and act on your behalf to arrange your order from production till shipping properly at no hustle free activity on your importing process. Of course there's additional cost to pay for such service, so please click this link for details. 

Once, Jepara is save place to visit in Central Java, no need to worry on flooding, tsunami, earthquake or other nature disasters happen in this town. So feel free to visit this cluster industry of furniture products in Indonesia at anytime.
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