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Cheap Travel List to KUTA - Bali

Dear Cheap Travel Indonesia visitors,
Given below is the list of cheap accommodations for your cheap travel in Kuta, Bali. These informations are chosen carefully from the long list provided by Real Adventures, Hostel world, Hostel Bookers and many more so you don't waste your precious time to make such a tired searching.

Kuta Seaview Hotel
Budget Hotel

Kuta Seaview Hotel

Kuta Seaview Cottage strategically located on the long golden sandy Kuta beach......more info..»

Privates From $38.70

Vilarisi Hotel
Budget Hotel

Vilarisi Hotel

Vilarisi Hotel is located in the heart of Kuta, few steps away from shopping centre, only a short five minutes walk away from the beautiful white sandy beaches of Kuta.........more info..»

Privates From $21.35

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel
Budget Hotel

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel

Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel & Villas offers a comfortable stay in relaxing atmosphere. Puri Dewa Bharata is design in Balinese house concept. The building is decorated with s......more info..»

Privates From $17.00

Bali Sorgawi Hotel
Budget Hotel

Bali Sorgawi Hotel

Bali Sorgawi Hotel is a friendly budget hotel situated in downtown Kuta Beach between Paddy's II Pub (Bounty)......more info..»

Privates From $18.00

Balisani Padma Hotel
Budget Hotel

Balisani Padma Hotel

Refined elegance in traditional tropical style. Built in the style of a Balinese Village......more info..»

Privates From $17.50

Mastapa Garden Hotel
Budget Hotel

Mastapa Garden Hotel

Mastapa garden Hotel is located at the most strategic location in Kuta – Bali . which is close to world famous Kuta – beach only ( five minute walking distance ) .......more info..»

Privates From $13.50

Budget Hotel

Febri's Hotel & Spa

Febri's, a new 3-star hotel, is centrally located on the main Kartika Plaza street, South Kuta Beach...more info..»

Privates From $21.33

image Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel
Sayang Maha Mertha Beach welcomes you to Bali, the island of Gods. Sayang Maha Mertha Beach is located in the famous village of Legian, a pleasant 10 minutes drive from the airport, one minute walk (100 meters) from the world famous sunset beach of Kuta.

Privates From $5.00

image Kuta Lagoon Resort and Pool Villas
We would like to believe that Bali, an island of legend and unique traditions, has yet many undiscovered secret to explore.

Privates From $40.00

Green Garden Hotel
Value accommodation in the prime of South Kuta Beach, Bali. Clean and comfortable for family holiday. Close to beach, shoppings & bars.

Price From $16.34

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