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Revolution in the Online Travel and Accommodation Technology

Are you a Hotel Manager or Accommodations Provider? You need this tool to get rid of your headaches! Revolutionises the Online Travel and Accommodation Provider Industry with the Launch of its Next-Generation Online inventory & Distribution Management System!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ has launched the world’s first true, two-way fully automated “Set and Forget” global inventory distribution and management system, and today announced they have a host of major travel industry partners already signed up.

Martin McConnachie, President of, said the launch of the revolutionary technology platform signaled the next generation of online inventory management and distribution had finally arrived.

“For too long accommodation providers have spent vast amounts of time and money managing room inventory manually across multiple online travel agent sites and managing issues with over-bookings and paying too many commissions, but thanks to these headaches are a thing of the past. is not just about streamlining the accommodation provider’s business model and making them more accessible to potential customers, it is a solution that will positively impact their bottom line whilst giving them more time to spend on their business and on customer service,” Martin said.

“Over the past 12 months, we have been busy building relationships and integrating partners with the system and we’re now in a position to offer this fully functioning technology to all online travel agent sites and accommodation providers worldwide, commencing with an Australasian launch in September 2008. is now fully integrated with the GDS (Global Distribution System) networks for accommodation providers meaning can now distribute accommodation provider room inventory to the likes of Sabre, Galileo/Apollo, Amadeus, Worldspan and their associated

companies and networks.

This connection alone puts accommodation provider room inventory in front of over 600,000 travel agents globally, including high traffic sites such as Travelocity, Orbitz and Hotwire.

In addition, has achieved integration with national and international online travel agent sites including: Direct with Hotels, Hotels 2 Go, Ezibed and, with a number of other

sites such as Flight Centre, Student Flights, Room Seeker, Quick Beds and Escape Travel, The Lido Group and many more currently completing integration with enables online travel agents and accommodation providers to eliminate issues with over-bookings, whilst also removing the need for spiders and web bots (otherwise known as screen-scrapers), with its two-way permission based distribution system. The system efficiently exchanges inventory data and dynamically manages allocations of room inventory by accommodation providers to ensure that all available rooms are made available for sale, adjusting the rate according to market demand, without over-selling. is a simple solution with serious benefits,” said Martin.

“The two-way, permission based distribution system is fully automated, so accommodation providers can upload their inventory once via one login at and not look at it again for a year, meaning valuable hours each day that would normally be spent updating inventory across multiple online travel agents, can now be used to grow and focus on other important business issues.

“It’s time for the travel and accommodation sector to stop wasting its time and money with outdated technologies and to now enter the next generation of online inventory, distribution management with’s revolutionary system.”

Click the Banner below to see the video and learn more. - Seriously Smart Technology for Travel and Accommodation Providers

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Travel Business

Are You a Hotel manager or Accommodation Provider? has developed a one stop, truly independent web based platform through which any accommodation provider can manage and dynamically distribute their online room inventory through as many online travel accommodation reseller channels as they choose throughout the world.

At a single glance the accommodation provider can view their inventory on a single screen across all the accommodation reseller channels that they select throughout the world, including their own website. Patented technology enables the platform to adjust rates and allotments automatically and in real time. This ensures that the accommodation provider's nominated online reseller channels can maximise access to their inventory, right to the last room, whilst maximising their yields based on supply and demand market forces.

The technology allows the worldwide travel consumer to shop smart on a minute by minute basis which means that pricing policies are truly set by supply and demand factors. is extremely proud to have created the technological advances which will support increased profits for accommodation providers and reseller channels alike, delivering these through an improved industry based communications platform. is "The Paradigm Shift" the Online Accommodation Industry has been screaming for over the past few years. That's a big claim and we've got a 'big' solution.'s Seriously Smart Travel Technology is a "Set and Forget" automatic management system for all online room allocations through one simple, affordable system for accommodation providers. is also an automatic, intelligent yield management system with efficient, secure, real time, management of inventory, across all internet accommodation reseller channels. A whole new way of dealing with online distribution which frees the hotel or accommodation provider from their computer screen. - Seriously Smart Technology for Travel and Accommodation Providers

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